Bagthulhu - the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag

Created by Bridget Hughes

Bagthulhu - the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag
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337 backers pledged NZ$21,671.00 on Kickstarter

World, meet Bagthulhu. He's a cuddly monstrosity with dreams of world domination. He comes as a dicebag, a backpack, and a teeny tiny plushie that will follow you everywhere. Join the cult - Bagthulhu Fhtagn!

Raised in Kickstarter
NZ$21,671.00 / 337 backers
Raised in BackerKit
NZ$9,701.00 / 288 backers
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Manufactured Bagthulhu
The main infantry in the war on order and reason. These fabulous little monsters will devour your... more »
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Custom Colour Minithulhu
Who says Cthulhu isn't flexible? A little monster with multiple attachment points so he can follo... more »
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Custom Colour Microthulhu
A stretch goal reward we reached late in the piece. A teeny tiny thulhu, even smaller than the... more »
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Custom colour Backpackthulhu
Want Cthulhu on your back? Well, it was nice knowing you. The prototype in the photos is just ... more »
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Backpackthulhu reflective eyes
A custom add on to have just the eyes of your backpackthulhu in reflective fabric.

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We're funded!

The faithful have made the army of Bagthulhu possible!

I've reserved and, and hopefully I'll be able to get a website up soon. Until then, check out the Wayward Masquerade social media presences, and look out for our backerkit account for pre orders soon :).

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One night, a few years ago, a cuddly little abomination wormed his way into my brain and refused to be quiet until I gave him a body and a name. 

After a sleepless night, a lot of experimenting, and several blood sacrifices to the sewing machine (it bites), I took the first Bagthulhu to my local game store. Some one snapped him up within three hours. 

Since then he's been one of my most popular designs, spreading madness and mayhem wherever he goes.

Now he wants to take over the world. I'm... surprisingly ok with that.

So we need your help. To raise the funds for Bagthulhu to be produced on a larger scale, lowering the individual price and bringing the madness to more tasty humans than ever before. Until then, Bagthulhu waits dreaming...


Bagthulhu is an unspeakable horror in the form of a cuddly soft toy dicebag for the most discerning of cultists. He likes dice, souls, and comfy places to wait dreaming. In his earthly form Bagthulhu is made of super soft microfleece or plush, and stands 20cm/8" tall. Flip back his head to reveal a dicebag belly with a double drawstring closure. His monstrous appetite has been specially upgraded for this campaign to devour up to 100 standard sized dice with room left over for an innocent soul.


UPDATE: Our advance troops have captured Sandy Petersen. Reports from the field say his soul was delicious.

Check out Sandy's twitter 

H.P. Lovecraft Historial Society review  

"Bagthulhu is a fabric bag for holding gaming dice artfully sewn in the form of Great Cthulhu. The design is both charming and functional" - Sean Branney

DM Scotty from the DMs Craft on youtube


NOTE: The campaign is run in NZD due to Kickstarter policy. The conversions to USD below are approximate and may change depending on the exchange rate at the time. Due to Kickstarter settings, US based users should see the rewards in the right column listed in their own currency, everyone else should see them listed in NZD.

Standard Bagthulhu - $45 NZD / $31 USD

 A cuddly abomination of your very own at the lowest price Bagthulhu has ever been. These will be the bulk of the army, produced by a specialist manufacturer. The first colour option will be dark green with mid green detailing as per the main image. Adding additional colour options will be among the stretch goals. 

NOTE: Manufactured Bagthulhus may not be an exact colour match for the samples shown here. They'll be close though, and production will not begin until I have sighted and approved samples :)

Custom colour Bagthulhu - $60 NZD / $41 USD

Need something a little different? Choose from 20+ colours. These limited rewards are for cultists with specific colours in mind and will be hand made by me. 

The colour chart is below.

Custom colour Minithulhu - $45 NZD / $31 USD

Who says Cthulhu isn't flexible? A multi purpose, mini Cthulhu who can follow you wherever you go. On your keyring, in your hair, on your bag, on a badge, in the fridge to scare whoever keeps stealing the cake at night (you know who you are). 

Made with multiple attachment points so you can adapt him to your style. Choose from 20 colours. These limited rewards will be hand made by me. The colour chart is below.

NOTE: Minithulhus are not bags, but instead a teeny soft toy that will happily cling to all manner of things. I can make some that are bags as a custom pledge if there is enough interest so if you would like one, please get in touch :).

Custom colour Double-size Bagthulhu - $95 NZD / $66 USD

Need a Bagthulhu with a bigger appetite? This is for you. Choose from 20 colours for a handmade, double size abomination that will devour 250 dice with room for a soul or two. The colour chart is below.

Custom Bagthulhu - $100+ NZD / $69+ USD 

Have the great old ones possessed you with a vision of horrific splendor? Work with the creator to bring your completely custom Bagthulhu to life, up to the value of your pledge.

Custom colour Backpackthulhu - $200 NZD / $142 USD

Want a Thulhu watching your back? Made with sturdier material than their smaller counterparts, Backpackthulhus are the heavy Dragoons of the Bagthulhu army. Introduced as a stretch goal, and very limited edition.

Custom colour Microthulhu - $30 NZD / $21 USD

A very eleventh hour stretch goal reward. A teeny tiny thulhu, about 2/3rds the size of the Minithulhu. With single layer microfleece for the wings and tentacles, this little guy is handmade, lightweight, and delighted to meet/devour you.

Custom Bundles

Need more thulhu? Bundles for custom colour thulhus are listed down the right side. But be quick, they're limited :).

Add ons

As the hand made rewards have limited places, the Standard Bagthulhu is currently the only available add on. If you would like a Standard Bagthulhu in addition to your main pledge, simply add another $45 NZD (approx $31 USD) to your pledge level. If you would like more than one handmade reward, please send a message and we'll do our best to sort out a custom solution for you :)

NOTE: Hand made rewards may be shipped directly from me, so if you have selected a hand made reward and a Standard Bagthulhu as an add on, your rewards may be shipped separately.


NOTE: These colours are for the handmade rewards. Some are in shorter supply than others, but I'll communicate with backers to find alternatives if there's more demand for a colour than I can source. I've done my best to show the colours accurately, but please be aware that they'll look a little different on different monitors, and the actual fabrics will look a bit different depending on the light and what other colours they're paired with.

Goals and Stretch Goals

Base goal - $13,500 NZD / $9,750 USD **ACHIEVED**

For effective world domination, Bagthulhu must reach as many of the faithful as possible. Making them individually isn't cutting it any more.

Our starting goal is to produce a run of standard size Bagthulhus to begin our conquest of the globe.

$17,000 NZD / $12,000 USD - Backpackthulhu **ACHIEVED**

There have been some requests for a Backpackthulhu, so if we reach $17,000 NZD I will make a very limited series of handmade, custom colour, backpack sized Bagthulhus available as rewards.

NOTE: Backpackthulhus may need different fabrics (and thus have slightly different or more limited colour options) for durability, I'm working on a prototype at the moment :).

$21,000 NZD / $14,750 USD - Microthulhu ** ACHIEVED ** 

There have also been requests for a teeny tiny thulhu, even smaller than the minithulhu. If we hit $21,000 NZD I will make a limited series of handmade, custom colour microthulhus available as rewards. 

$25,000 NZD / $17,000 USD - Purplethulhu

Introduce a second colour option for the standard size so Bagthulhu can rock it in purple with light purple contrast. 

NOTE: The factory run will likely not be an exact match for these colours, and the colour may display differently on different monitors. It will be close though, and production will not begin until I have approved a sample.

Top hats

Pin on top hats for Bagthulhus, or anywhere you can stick a pin ^_^. I will either make these by hand, or if they prove popular enough, have them produced at a workshop in New Zealand. They will be made with either satin or microfleece. I'll look into prototypes if we get close to this goal :).

$30,000 NZD / $21,000 USD - Make a limited number of custom colour, pin on top hats for standard sized Bagthulhus available as as rewards.

$35,000 NZD / $24,250 - Make a limited number of custom colour, pin on top hats for double sized Bagthulhus available as rewards :) 

$40,000 NZD / $27,750 USD - Make a limited number of custom colour, pin on top hats for Minithulhus available as rewards :) Standard size 


$50,000 NZD / $34,500 USD - Double up

Produce a limited run of double size Bagthulhus in one colour and introduce them as a reward at a lower price than custom colour double size bagthulhus.

$65,000 NZD / $45,000 USD - Third colour

Introduce a third colour option for the standard size Bagthulhu

Shipping worldwide | UPDATED  

Shipping for the manufactured Bagthulhus will be handled by several fulfillment companies in different parts of the world to eliminate or reduce surprise customs/VAT/GST/other fees for as many backers as possible.  

At this stage, handmade rewards will be shipped directly from me in New Zealand, but I'm looking at using a fulfillment company for these as well. 

Shipping will be charged in backerkit after the campaign has closed. 

I'm deliberately quoting high on these figures just in case there's any unexpected changes, so this is a rough guide only. 

I will likely be handling fulfillment to New Zealand based backers myself unless there is a large number of kiwi backers.  

Shipping and handling for standard size, manufactured Bagthulhus (including VAT/GST, customs duties, etc)    

  • USA - $18 NZD | $12 USD  
  • Canada - $17 NZD | $16 CAD  
  • United Kingdom - $23 NZD | £12 GBP  
  • Wider European Union - $24 NZD | €15 EUR 
  • New Zealand - $10 NZD 

NOTES: These prices are based on a single Bagthulhu per parcel, but since Bagthulhus are quite light we will be able to ship additional manufactured Bagthulhus without too big a rise in the cost.  

All these prices are for untracked service, but I will be able to offer tracked services to some countries as an optional extra.  

I'm working on finding fulfillment partners in Australia to see if we can also deal with any taxes etc there, so if you're from Oz and keen to back, let me know ^_^)  

I have been informed that once we have imported into an EU fulfillment centre we can ship freely to other EU countries with no extra VAT and customs duties. I will be confirming this with a broker to be sure, so watch this space ^_^  

If you have pledged for a handmade reward and then a standard Bagthulhu as an add on, please be aware that handmade rewards may ship directly from me, and will have a seperate shipping cost. I'm looking into combining shipping (if possible).  

If your country is not on this list and you would like to back, please let me know and I will look up the shipping cost for you. I may not be able to sort VAT/GST for every country out there, but I'll do my best to make it as hassle free as I can. For the moment, you can use the shipping guide below for an idea of worldwide shipping prices, which do not include VAT/GST and import duties.  

All non NZD prices are rough conversions and exchange rates do fluctuate a little, the base price is in NZD and your credit card provider may use a slightly different exchange rate.  

Shipping and handling for handmade Bagthulhus, Minithulhus, Doublethulhus, and bundles  

Per reward (bundles are classed as a single reward)  

  • New Zealand (tracked) - $7 NZD  
  • Australia - $10 NZD | $10 AUD  
  • USA - $16 NZD | $11 USD  
  • United Kingdom - $16 NZD | £9 GBP  
  • Canada - $16 NZD | $15 CAD  
  • European Union - $16 NZD | €10 EUR  
  • Rest of the world - $17 NZD    


Shipping handmade rewards within NZ is cheaper than shipping manufactured Bagthulhus because I will be making them myself and won't have to import them from the manufacturer :).

All these prices are for untracked service except for within New Zealand. 

All prices are rough conversions and exchange rates do fluctuate a little, the base price is in NZD and your credit card company may use a slightly different exchange rate.  If your currency isn't listed here, and provide good real time conversions :).

Social Responsibility

Bagthulhu is a complex being who will not accept poor quality or poor working conditions. He wants his first taste of bittersweet human suffering to be yours, as you cuddle his high quality tentacles, and lose your mind. He's an old school old one like that.

I have approached multiple specialist manufacturers and part of my inquiries have been what measures they have in place to protect workers in their supply chain. While I can't personally oversee every step in the process, and I don't have the clout to make demands (for now, just wait till we rule the world), I can ask the questions and put business where there's a reasonable assurance of sound ethics.

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